How to Use Hunkydory Topper Sets by DT Sophie

Hey you guys!  Happy Saturday!!  This is Cherie and I wanted to share this tutorial that Sophie sent me this week using one of the topper sets from Hunkydory.   Oh my GOSH!  I’ve seen the beautiful cards she has made, as well as most of the ones Crystal has made and I’m always awed by how much time and effort those cards must take.  Me?  I’m heading straight to Hallmark.  I tried to make some Mother’s Day cards last week and about chopped all of my fingers off.  Seriously.

Soooooo after watching this video, I’ve decided that all is not lost in regards to my lack of creativity and card making skills.  Sophie made like FIVE cards in less than 10 minutes.  Gorgeous cards.  Elegant cards.  Absolutely adorable cards.   It took ME 2 hours to hack at and crookedly slam together 3.  With no embellishments whatsoever.  Just scraps of paper taped all over the place.  It was sad.  Hopefully they have been hidden away in a drawer somewhere.  Or better yet, down at the county dump!!

Ok enough about all that!  Watch this video and you’ll see just how easy these topper sets are to use.  I know I’ll be raiding the supply shop next time I get the notion to skip the Hallmark thing hahahaha.


I’ve included links to some of the other sets we have in the shop.  They are only $3.95 each!

Sunset Edition At the Bottom of the Garden Topper Set – 10-015
Sparkle & Shine Mirri Magic Topper Set – 10-104








Twilight Under the Sea – Underwater Wishes Topper Set – 10-088
Indigo Dreams Topper Set – 10-041









Want to see more?  CLICK HERE or head over to the SUPPLY SHOP and put “topper sets” in the search bar to see all of the different collections.


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